Solo Project


Vancouver born Guyanese, Geeta Das, has been carving out her place in the Vancouver music scene since the early 1990s. Her focus is mainly wind instruments and percussion but she has been singing and composing all along. After many successful years as a multi-instrumentalist and with the unrelenting encouragement and support of her respected colleagues and loved ones, Geeta is finally taking the stage as a singer/songwriter sharing her experiences of embracing the delicate challenges of a first generation Canadian as well as life in general.

Although Geeta grew up in Vancouver she is still very connected to her Guyanese roots. The deep family traditions, spirit, faith, language, food, and especially the music have guided her throughout her journey. All these things combined with the exciting and curious new freedoms of growing up in Canada have helped shape her and her music.

Geeta is truly excited to share her music with everyone. She hopes that people might find some relatable situations in her music to help them take comfort in knowing we all share more common ground than realized or expected. And she hopes they’ll perhaps even feel more included and accepted, and proud of their own journeys as a result.

Check out Geeta’s single: Nothing Is Secret.

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